12 Best Free Business Name Generators For Branding Your Store

Of course, you can brainstorm a domain name yourself. But, this list of best free business name generators can make your life easier!

A creative and brandable shop name can give a huge boost to your online venture. Look at Amazon. This is not a keyword-rich domain name. But it has a huge brand value associated with its name.

But coming up with such a strong and creative brand name is not as easy as it sounds.

If you prefer the DIY approach, read this guide on how to create a brandable domain name. If you can do it yourself – excellent! If you cannot then do not worry. Luckily, there are free business name generators that are available to help you.

In this article, we will share a list of 12 Best Free Business Name Generators that can actually help you come up with a perfect name.

Best Free Business Name Generators

One option to come up with a creative brand name for your business is hiring freelancers. But, as you guessed it right, that has its own cost. What if you do not have the necessary budget? Does it mean that you cannot come up with a solid branding for your shop?

You can.

Several interesting business name generators can help you to come up with a good brand name. What is better is, most of these tools use artificial intelligence to create a catchy name for your business.

Enough of introduction!

Let us see which of these tools made into our list of best free business name generators.


Namelix business name generator

Namelix is one of our favorites when it comes to online Business Name Generator tools. No wonder why we have started this list of Best Free Business Name Generators with Namelix.

Namelix asks a keyword for your business name. It also allows you to choose the length of the domain name and a name style e.g. brandable, misspellings, etc. 

Namelix uses its artificial intelligence to generate a brandable business name based on your inputs. 

The tool generates short and catchy business names. If you can provide more specific keywords, you will get better results. Namelix learns from the names you like and gives better recommendations over time.

Apart from suggesting new names, it also lists premium domain names that are ready for sale. If it suits your budget, you may go for the premium domain names!

You should definitely try out this free brand name generator at least once.


Namewink business name generator

Namewink is a new Brand Name Generator. Yet, it made into our list of best free business name generators.

This free tool can help you generate instant names for your next startup, project, or website. All you have to provide is a seed word.

You also have the option to choose the preferred TLD (.com, .net, etc). Namewink can check the availability of your domain.

Namewink is one of those solid free brand name generators that you can definitely play around with.


Domainwheel business name generator

DomainWheel is a free short website name generator. It suggests catchy brand names with the help of artificial intelligence. Like other business name generators in this list, DomainWheel also needs a keyword.

You can add one or several keywords to generate new domain ideas. You can give a mix of letters or an actual word.

Various random suggestions will pop up depending on your keyword. You can even register a domain from the tool itself.


Wordoid business name generator

Wordoids are made-up words. They look unique and sound natural. What is better than having a natural-sounding word as your brand name? Think of Facebook.

Wordoid lets you select a language. The Wordoid business name generator can create wordoids following the rules of the selected language. You may even blend different languages to generate a wordoid.

At present, Wordoid allows you to select English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

Moreover, you can select the quality of the generated name. Also, you can specify the length of the name.

Now, what is quality of a wordoid? Quality defines how the wordoids look, sound, and feel. Higher quality means more resemblance to natural words of the selected languages.

Interesting, right? Check out this cool brand name generator right now.


Namemesh business name generator

Namemesh is the next in this list of best free business name generators.

Namemesh allows you to create and check domain availability for your brand name on one go. It allows you to check availability for common extensions and new TLDs.

The tool can also generate catchy brand names that are short, funny, SEO friendly, similar, or a mix and match type.

If you are still not very clear, check it out. There is no harm in trying out this free Brand Name Generator.


Namesmith business name generator

Namesmith boasts of having many different algorithms to generate a catchy brand name. Namesmith constructs portmanteaus from the keywords. Misspell them. Add suffixes and prefixes. Create fantasy names.

You can even generate random names without providing any keyword!

This free Business Name Generator helps to brainstorm name ideas. As soon as you find a good name, you can check if the domain is available and register right from the tool.

Hipster Business Name Generator

Hipster Business Name Generator

Hipster Business Name Generator is the most unique in this list of best free business name generators.

This is one of the most creative business name generators that we have come across. Hipster Business Name Generator generates random names and logos without any keyword from you.

You can tap on anything to change the style of the generated branding. Apart from creating a business name, this tool also generates a simple logo.

Hipster Business Name Generator also allows you to register a domain name right from the tool.

You may feel that this may not be useful if you are searching for a keyword-based brand name. But, the tool can definitely start your creative juice flowing. And of course, there is nothing to lose in trying out a free tool.


Anadea business name generator

Like most of the other free business name generators in this list, Anadea helps you find exciting names for your brand. Enter a few keywords and browse inspiring naming ideas.

Anadea business name generator can also create business names by industry. Some of the supported industries are Tech Company, Online Shop, Real Estate, and so on.

Check the complete list on the website.


Panabee business name generator

Panabee is a simple way to search for domain names, app names, and company names. In case the perfect name is not available, the tool suggests alternatives.

Panabee gets its inspirations from the original idea or keyword you provide. It uses syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends to suggest alternatives. Actually, you may love these alternatives more!

Like most other tools in this list, Panabee also tells you the availability of the domain. Besides, the tool can tell you the availability of suitable user names in popular social media.

Check out this cute tool from this list of best free Business Name Generators today!

Domain Puzzler

domainpuzzler business name generator

Do you have many keywords to consider? Domain Puzzler can help you out. This free Business Name Generator allows you to provide more than one keyword as input. You can use comma and space to separate the words.

You can select different options like Easy, Advanced, Magic, and Page Rank. Basically, these are ways your seed words get combined.

If you are looking for a particular domain extension. you can do it. Use the checkboxes to mark the TLDs that interest you. Domain Puzzler can handle the rest for you.


Naminum business name generator

The next one in this list of best free business name generators has a user interface free from all clutters. We are talking about Naminum.

Key in your seed word in Naminum and hit enter. This business name generator will create a huge list of trendy names for you. 

Go ahead and filter them out. Select your target audience. You can choose to append or prepend your keyword with wordoids. You can probably discover a perfect business name on the list!

Naminum is a simple yet solid utility to help you brainstorm a brand name. Definitely worth a try.

Namesnack Business Name Generator

Namesnack business name generator

Namesnack Business Name Generator is the final one on our list of best free business name generators. This is a new brand name generator and is powered by AI. This free tool can generate brand names with various name styles.

You have to start with keywords describing your business. NameSnack combines these with popular other keywords to find alternative ideas. 

The tool can help you check the availability of the domain. If you find a perfect domain, you can even generate a logo for your brand in a few clicks. Check this business name generator today and see if this helps you in branding. 

Final thoughts on best free business name generators

In this article, we have listed twelve best free business name generators that let you find a perfect brand name for your online shop.

You must have noted by now that most of these catchy name generators are keyword dependent. These tools can help you in generating a niche-specific, keyword-oriented brand name. But, they may not help in coming up with a completely abstract brand name. Think Yahoo!

But, chances are these tools will let your creative juice start flowing. You may be able to coin a perfect brand name not limited by the restrictions of a micro-niche.

Try out these free business name generators today and come up with a solid and creative brand name for your online venture!

Did we miss any other powerful but free Brand Name Generators available today? Do let us know your comments. Also, if this list of best free business name generators helped you – share it among your tribe!

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