5 Best Free Shopify Themes For Your Online Store

Are you using any of these best free Shopify themes for your store? If not, you are definitely missing something!

Best Free Shopify Themes

It is beyond doubt that Shopify is the leading hosted eCommerce platform at present. If you prefer to host your online shop in a SAAS (Software As A Service) platform, Shopify can be a good option. Statistics prove that Shopify has an impressive market today. It empowers 2.93% of all online shops analyzed by the tool.

eCommerce Market Share

Shopify lets you customize your store as much as you wish. Because of the huge popularity of Shopify, you can find lots of third party apps to power your store.

You can also find many Shopify themes to customize the look and feel of your Shopify store. As you can guess, these themes come in both the paid and free versions.

Indeed, the quality of a product is often related to its price.

But exceptions are also there.

Many theme houses offer quality Shopify themes for free. We have evaluated most of these free Shopify themes to find out the best for you.

This article is a summary of our findings.

In this article, we will tell you the five best free Shopify themes that you may use on your Shopify store.

Evaluation Criteria

If you search for free themes in the Shopify Theme Store, you will find 9 themes listed at present. Shopify reviewed each of these nine themes for quality and standard. So, of course, you can trust these.

But, many theme houses offer free Shopify themes better than these default themes. Better in quality. Better in features.

In this article, we will look into five such themes which made into our final list of best free Shopify themes.

How did we shortlist these best free Shopify themes?

Before I share the list, let me describe the criteria used to evaluate these themes.

  1. Free – All these themes are free to download. You can activate these on your Shopify store without spending any money. They can have optional paid upgrades though.
  2. SEO – All themes in this list of top free Shopify themes are search engine optimized.
  3. Mobile Optimized – In the current eCommerce landscape, you cannot ignore the mobile audience. All these themes are optimized for the mobile view.
  4. Look and Feel – These themes are strikingly beautiful even with their default settings.
  5. Customizable – These themes are customizable to let you customize the look and feel of your online store.

Now, let us look at the entries on this list.

Please note that some of the links in this article are our affiliate links. This means, if you follow these links and buy anything on our partner websites, we will earn a small commission.

Debutify Free Shopify Theme

Debutify Free Shopify Theme

Debutify is an amazing free Shopify theme. It is fully optimized for dropshipping, print on demand, and brand stores. You can use the free Debutify Shopify theme out of the box to improve the conversion rate of your store. This Shopify theme also boasts of an optimized codebase.

The theme is lightning fast with a solid Pagespeed score. As we mentioned in our criteria, this free Shopify theme is SEO friendly and mobile optimized. Moreover, it is available in more than twenty languages. So, if you are running an international store, Debutify Shopify theme has you covered.

As a definite plus for any free theme, Debutify has an excellent support system in place. The theme is regularly maintained and updated.

Some of the features of the Debutify theme are:

  • SEO – Debutify Shopify theme is search engine optimized. This will help you gain organic traffic.
  • Multilingual – This Shopify theme supports many languages.
  • Regular upgrade – Debutify theme is actively maintained and regularly upgraded.
  • 24×7 Support – Debutify has an impressive support system available 24×7 even for the free theme.

Debutify Shopify theme has also more than 28 premium add-ons. These add-ons can enable premium features for the otherwise free Shopify theme. We do not prefer many apps on any Shopify store. If you are like us, you can activate these paid modules to enhance your theme.

Overall, Debutify is a solid free Shopify theme. No wonder why we have placed it first in our list of best free Shopify themes.

SuitUP – Fashion Store Shopify Theme

SuitUp Shopify Theme

The next theme in our list of best free Shopify themes is Suitup developed by Template Monster.

Suitup is an elegant free Shopify theme that can give an amazing look to your online store. If you are running a fashion store, give it a try! The soft color tone of the SuitUp Shopify theme can attract your customers in the first look. Its clean style lets you highlight your products and important information very easily.

SuitUp also has a full Shopify plugin pack. It includes a cart, wishlist, and currency options for a comfortable shopping experience. It also allows you to accept digital payments.

With multiple category pages, you can sell different product categories. Moreover, Category pages provide customers with intuitive navigation.

Some of the key features of the SuitUp Shopify theme are:

  • Fully editable
  • Highly responsive
  • Cross-browser
  • Multi-currency
  • Mega Menu
  • Search Form
  • Contact Form

SuitUp Shopify theme is a freemium theme. The free theme is enough for most stores. But, if you still wish to avail more features, you can upgrade anytime.

Apparelix Shopify Theme

Apparelix free theme

The third theme in our list of best free Shopify themes is Apparelix from TemplateMonster.

The Apparelix Shopify theme is also a freemium Shopify theme. This SEO friendly Shopify theme is fully responsive and supports multilingual stores. This is a solid option if you running an apparel store.

Some of the key features of Apparelix Shopify theme are:

  • SEO-friendly – The theme is search engine optimized. So, you can be sure of getting significant organic traffic to your store.
  • Search form – The search form helps a visitor to easily find what they need.
  • Fully responsive – The Apparelix theme lets you have a mobile-friendly website. As you know, this is always good for your shop
  • Drag and drop sections – This Apparelix Shopify theme feature lets you add various sections to your theme. You can add sections like sliders, products, banners, collections to your store.
  • Multilingual and multi-currency – This option is useful if you are running an international online store.

Note that the Apparelix Shopify theme is also a freemium theme. So, if you need more features, you can upgrade from the free theme.

Brooklyn Shopify Theme

Brooklyn Shopify Theme

The next one in this list of best free Shopify themes is available in the Shopify Theme Store. Yes, we are talking about the Brooklyn theme.

The Brooklyn Shopify theme comes in two styles – classic and playful. This free mobile-friendly Shopify theme is a good choice for apparel stores.

Brooklyn theme lets you elegantly display product photos. The minimalist design is suitable for contemporary apparel stores.

Features of Brooklyn:

  • Designed for apparel stores
  • Two styles
  • Slide-out cart feature
  • Dynamic grid for displaying products
  • Full-screen home page slideshow
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Social media icons
  • Customizable home page sections

If you are running an apparel store, you can definitely try out Brooklyn.

Minimal Shopify Theme

Minimal Shopify Theme

The final theme in our list of best free Shopify themes is also available in the Shopify theme store.

The Minimal Shopify theme is a personal favorite because of its minimal yet powerful design. The theme is officially supported by Shopify. It is available in three different styles – Vintage, Fashion, and Modern.

The Minimal theme offers product zoom, home page video, and product filtering options.

Features of Minimal Shopify theme are:

  • Customizable homepage content sections
  • Homepage slider
  • Product filtering
  • Product image zoom
  • Search engine optimization
  • Drop-down navigation support
  • Product recommendations
  • Free stock photos by Burst

You can check out the Minimal Shopify theme here.

Best Free Shopify Themes – Final Thoughts

In this article, we have introduced you to the five top free Shopify themes available today. We have also briefly looked into the features of these themes. We discussed the specific use cases for these free Shopify themes.

All these themes are powerful and solid choices for your online store. And, the best option is to try out the demos. If you find the demos to be impressive, you can try these out on your store. There is nothing to lose when you try a free product from any reputable store!

Are you using any of these top free Shopify themes in your store? Let us know your comments. Also, if you found this list of best free Shopify themes helpful, do share it among your tribe!

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