eCommerce Packaging Inserts : The Perfect Primer

eCommerce Packaging Inserts are one of the best low-cost marketing strategies for online stores. In this article, we dig into its details.

You have got a confirmed order. The payments have been processed. You are ready to ship it to your customer with a custom packaging box aligned to your branding. Everything looks great till now!

But probably you are still wondering if there is anything extra that you can do for this shipment. Right?

Let me tell you. Actually, there are other important things you can drop inside the packaging box to help you in post-sales marketing.

Welcome to the world of eCommerce packaging inserts!

eCommerce packaging inserts are extra items that shop owners put inside a packaging box. In fact, using eCommerce packing inserts is an excellent marketing strategy. Why?

This is because your customers usually will not expect things other than the ordered item. So anything extra inside the box can prove to be a pleasant freebie. Most of the time, they will even pick it up before unwrapping the actual product. This is human psychology!

How to Use eCommerce Packaging Inserts For Marketing

Everybody expects a standard invoice for their orders. Besides sending an email invoice, you can also send a printed invoice within the packaging box. But, why not include a personalized note along with it? Or a simple token gift? If you are still not convinced, let me tell you – a perfect eCommerce packaging insert can lead to tremendous customer retention.

As we told you, packaging inserts are always free for the customer. Also, it is cheap for the store owner. So, stores can effectively use this cost-effective goodwill gesture for shop promotions.

In this article, we will look into the types of packaging inserts you can consider for your store. We will also introduce you to the tools you can use to design eCommerce packing inserts.

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What are eCommerce Packaging Inserts?

As a shop owner, one of the important metrics for your store is customer satisfaction. If you get a green tick against this parameter, you can be sure about retaining your customers.

Now, when you ship a product, many external factors decide the level of customer satisfaction. These factors are often beyond your control. For example, your delivery partners also play a key role here.

Assume that your delivery partner delivers a shipment late to a first time customer. Your customer is unhappy. He opens your packaging box. And finds a cute little packaging insert that changes his mood. Did you realize the change here?

We will shortly look into what you can send as packaging inserts. But, right now, let us see some of the reasons why eCommerce packaging inserts are important.

  1. Cross-Selling – Packaging inserts are the perfect tool for targeted cross-selling.
  2. Low-Cost Marketing Strategy – Cost of creating and stocking packaging inserts is very low. Moreover, you do not have to spend any extra shipping cost for delivering them. The ROI for packaging inserts is really high.
  3. Increase Customer loyalty – Appreciate your customers or send personal notes. Chances are this can make a personal bonding between your customer and your brand. Result? Your store will have plenty of loyal customers.

Sounds promising. Right?

So, let us look into the types of eCommerce packing inserts that you can add to your shipment. In fact, there are more attractive options than dropping a simple coupon inside the box.

Let us look into them one by one.

Types of eCommerce Packaging Inserts

eCommerce Packaging Inserts

Product Samples as eCommerce Packaging Inserts

Product samples can be a great option for a certain category of shops.

If you are dropshipping, you can sometimes get free samples from your suppliers. And, if you manufacture the items – it is always very easy to create batches of small samples.

Product samples are one of the proven ways to cross-sell efficiently. You can introduce a new product to a highly targeted audience. Moreover, product samples help in the offline promotion of your brand and store.

Product samples are lightweight eCommerce packaging inserts. If your shop supports this, go ahead and drop a product sample inside the packaging box before the next shipment. It always works!

Discount Offers as eCommerce Packaging Inserts

Discount coupons are the most common packing inserts you can find in use.

Design a coupon card in an attractive layout. Drop it inside the packaging box. And you are done. Chances are your customer will return soon and redeem the coupon against his new order.

Some services let you print attractive flyers. But do not overdo this. If you spend a fortune to create discount coupons, the idea of using packaging inserts for low-cost marketing will fail.

Not only discount coupons, but you can also drop an offer for referring new customers!

Some of the common offers that fall in this category are:

  1. Free shipping on next order
  2. % off on next order
  3. Cashback on next order
  4. Freebie with next order

Personal Notes as eCommerce Packaging Inserts

Personal handwritten notes and thank you cards are often the least expensive but most personalized inserts. Remember that, you can utilize this strategy only as long as you do not have a huge customer base. If the number of customers is very high, it is not possible to manage this anymore.

Use thoughtful words in your note. Be thankful and try to create a bonding between your brand and your customer. It works.

Review Requests in form of eCommerce Packaging Inserts

Ask for a review of the product. Ask your customers to share their experience on social media. This can really boost up your social exposure.

Drop a packaging insert with the request for a product review. Also, if possible, give incentives in the form of discounts or offers for promoting your brand. This will not only result in promoting your shop but also help to generate return customers.

Token Gifts as eCommerce Packaging Inserts

Small gifts are similar to product samples. But, unlike product samples, small gifts can delight your customers and make them feel special.

You do not have to send costly items as a gift. Any small but unexpected token will make your customers happy. Thanks again to human psychology.

This works surprisingly well if you are selling handmade items or unique products.

If you succeed in building this personal bonding with your customer, your shop can boast of plenty of returning customers.

How to use eCommerce Packaging Inserts?

eCommerce packaging inserts are all about exceeding your customer’s expectations and building customer loyalty. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in your conversions, sales, and profit.

This is a low-cost marketing strategy that lets you be creative. Do not invest heavily in designing the packing inserts. If you do so, the benefit of a low-cost marketing strategy will be lost. Also, you need to test different packing insert strategies to find what works for your store.

In general, the following are the steps to create a successful eCommerce packaging insert strategy:

  1. Decide on the purpose of your program.
  2. Choose the most relevant type of packing insert.
  3. Design the insert.
  4. Ship it.
  5. Test different packaging inserts and find what works.

Tools to create eCommerce Packaging Inserts

Now that you know what are packaging inserts, let us see some of the tools that can actually help you to create stunning inserts.

  1. Canva – Canva is a fantastic designing tool. This is a graphic design tool that can help you to design anything. You can create amazing designs for your inserts using Canva. It has an impressive free plan to create your designs. If you need more than the free features, you can always upgrade.
  2. Moo – Moo is a premium platform for custom online business printing and design. This platform allows you to upload your designs and print these on quality stocks. You can use Moo to print your packing insert with high quality.
  3. OvernightPrints – Overnight Prints is an affordable printing solution for your packaging inserts. It also offers next day delivery in the United States and Europe. The tool also has custom design templates that can help you kick start your design process.

eCommerce Packaging Inserts For Marketing – Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed the importance of eCommerce packaging inserts. We also saw the different types of packing inserts that you can ship with your product.

Use the tools to create a perfect packing insert that can make a memorable buzz for your brand. Powerful inserts can create a wonderful unboxing experience for your customer. With no extra shipping overhead, why not walk these extra miles?

Are you using packaging inserts for your online store? Let us know your comments. Also, if you found this article on How to Use eCommerce Packaging Inserts For Marketing informative, please share it among your tribe!

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