How To Find A Product To Sell Online – 8 Proven Tips

Are you wondering how to find a product to sell online? This definitive guide will tell you the tricks!

When you think of starting an online shop, the question that will worry you most is how to find a product to sell online. Because you know that if you can pick a winning product early, you will be leading in the long run.

But it is not an easy task. Because there are so many products you can sell online. And several entrepreneurs have actually succeeded in selling them. It looks more difficult as there is no single recipe for a successful online store.

Researches prove that successful entrepreneurs did not pick a product based on impulses. Neither did they pick any niche looking at the success of someone else.

Instead, they did their due diligence before deciding on the product to sell. In fact, several proven strategies can help you to find a product to sell online in your online store.

In this definitive guide, we will look at these strategies and show you how to find a product to sell online. Of course, I can not guarantee that you will end up with a best-seller after reading this guide. But, you will definitely be able to find a few of the most profitable eCommerce niches that you can explore.

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How to find a product to sell online

Popular products to sell online

Chances are you do not know where to find a product to sell online.

But, I am sure that when you had planned to start an eCommerce business, you had some idea of what you are going to sell. List it down.

List down all the other ideas that you have in your mind. Jot down the products you like. Note down the products that you find trending and the products that you believe to be exciting. Think about all your hobbies and the products you are passionate about.

All these can serve as a winning idea for your online shop.

Write down all these ideas on a piece of paper. Or in a document on your laptop, in your mobile, or wherever you think it to be proper. Take a break and then brainstorm over all these ideas. See if any of these ideas can tell you how to find a product to sell online. Of course, do not think that all these ideas will lead to potential bestsellers.

What is important is, as an entrepreneur you must be open to brainstorming. It is also wise to talk with your friends, companions, and backers. You will notice how many unique ideas these discussions can lead to.

Collective effort is often overlooked in such brainstorming sessions. Many entrepreneurs choose the solo path even for brainstorming. This is wrong. Discuss with your backers and keep growing your list of ideas.

Where to find a product to sell online?

Learn to look for product inspirations in other eCommerce websites. Browse online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay to grow your list of ideas. Look at the bestselling products in these marketplaces. Scrutinize the products they offer. Examine the products that these platforms promote.

There are reasons why these big players spend money on promoting those kinds of stuff. This will give you an idea of products that will sell well.

You must also learn to harness the power of social shopping for your researches. Let us elaborate on this.

When was the last time you had browsed Pinterest? Do you know what is Polyvore? These social sites can be a tremendous source of data needed for your research. These invaluable sources can help you to find a product to sell in a short time.

Create accounts on these social platforms. Start following what people like the most. In no time, you will have your list of ideas that can help you to find a product to sell online.

Most profitable products to sell online

If you have some ideas of products you plan to sell, do market research first. If you find that it is very easy to find the product in many online stores, ignore the product. When you are starting an online shop – try to find products that have low supply but moderate demands.

Also, consider the price of the products on your list. Researches prove that online shoppers are comfortable in a definite range of price.

When you are starting an eCommerce store, rule out products if they are very costly. Again, if you plan to sell very low-cost items, your profit margins will suffer. So, you have to hit that perfect sweet spot of product price before you decide on what to sell.

This is not an easy task. It will need efforts on your part. But you need to spend your time on this for the long term success of your online shop.

What will be the marketing strategies for your online store?

Different products need different marketing strategies for promotion. There are many marketing strategies that you can use to promote your product. You must have a clear idea of these strategies much ahead of launching your store.

Keep in mind that different marketing strategies need a different share of your resources. Time, money and knowledge.

When you start an online business, focus only on a few that suit your resources. The table shows the typical resources needed for a few of these marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy Costs

Also keep in mind that even if you find a product to sell online, you need to promote it. This means you need to apply one or more of these promotional methods.

Which product you should sell online?

It is not easy to find an original untapped product idea. So, we will suggest you focus on a niche. Niche has an advantage because niche shops never fail to appeal to motivated buyers. This, in turn, will lead to higher conversion.

Focusing on an eCommerce niche has more benefits. You can build a brand for yourself. Doesn’t it sound promising? If you can create brand awareness for your products, you can expect a steady flow of customers.

While we are on the topic, avoid selling branded products whose brands you do not own. This is because you will not find any eCommerce supplier for branded items. You may find less known dropshipping suppliers. But, most of the time you will end up selling fake products. This is sure to bring in more trouble for you.

Instead, focus on building your own brand. If it suits you, sell custom products manufactured on demand.

How To Find A Product To Sell Online Based on Trends

The trend is your friend. If you can spot an emerging trend, encash it. Learn to spot a trend earlier for better results.

If you are alert and aware of all recent and trending products, you will be able to tap an emerging trend. You must be ready to use it as the trend peaks popularity. If you can hop on a trend on time, your online shop will get a huge boost.

The first step in evaluating a trend is to head over to Google Trends.

Search the trend for each of the ideas from your list. If you are trying to build a stable eCommerce store, strike off all ideas that have a decreasing trend.

Also, in general, avoid all ideas that have little search volume. Why? Because you can correlate search volume with customer interest.

Avoid focusing on seasonal products. Do not get me wrong here. I am not saying, that you must not stock seasonal items in your online store.

Seasonal goods like Christmas decorations and Halloween items can definitely boost your sales. But, they must not be the single niche of your online store. Do not expect year-long sales if you only stock products to sell for Christmas. Or if you plan only to stock products to sell in the rainy season. The same is true if you only stock products to sell on valentine’s day. Got the idea, right?

If you focus only on seasonal items as your niche, all your sales will be seasonal in nature. I am sure that is not what you want from your online shop! So check the trends of your ideas once more. If you find any product that looks seasonal, strike it off.

How to solve a customer’s pain points?

Stay alert and look around where you are. What are the things you can see that people cannot live without? Can you spot any opportunity here? Is there something that is not easy to buy today? If yes, then you have hit the jackpot.

Let us take an example. If you are traveling, did you see any product hard to find in your local market? Or globally?

Did you get the idea? Be alert and try to spot any opportunity that you believe can become a best seller product for your online shop. If you can identify a product that can solve a customer’s pain – you won! Be aware of the frustrations of the common buyer. Aim to sell a product that can resolve their pain.

How To Find A Product To Sell Online and make money?

Keep in mind that starting an eCommerce business is very easy now. Almost anyone can start an online store. Thanks to dropshipping suppliers like Spocket.

But what does that mean for the new entrepreneur? He is going to face stiff competition in promoting his online shop. Period.

Do not feel demotivated. This is part of the game.

To overcome this, find a niche for your eCommerce store and build a brand out of the niche. As the old saying goes, do not try to be a jack of all trades. Instead, try to become the master of a specific niche.

Avoid very broad or general niches. Sell items that have steady but moderate demand. Do not try to cater to all. Big players are already there. Do not get tempted to compete with them as soon as you start your store!

Also, avoid selling generic categories in eCommerce.

When you do a market study, you will find certain product categories have very high demand. Do not jump for the category as a whole. Instead, try to find a less saturated subcategory. So, strike off generic categories from your list and focus on subcategories.

Focus on a smaller niche. From the niche, find a product to sell online and start making money.

How to find product to sell online

How to find a product to sell online – Final Thoughts

An idea is always one of the key factors behind the success of any venture. This is more true in a competitive business like eCommerce. So, before launching your online shop, spend some time validating your niche. Spend quality time to find a product to sell online and make profit.

As we always say, do not be a jack of all trades. Shortlist the perfect niche and build your store around it. As we also said earlier, there are many products that you can actually choose to sell. But you must learn how to find the perfect product for your online store.

I understand that finding a magic product is not easy. Apply these strategies if you can not find a product to sell online of your own. You must be ready to spend time doing your own research to build your own list of ideas. If you fumble in finding ideas, use these proven techniques to find a product to sell online. Rather find products to sell!

When you are ready with several ideas, check them again. If you find that all your ideas get ruled out, do not worry. Start the exercise once more. It is always better to begin a little late than starting wrong.

With some trial and error, you will definitely have the answer for how to find a product to sell online. At the end of the activity, you will master the art of finding products to sell on your website. That was the whole agenda of this guide.

Over to you. Did this guide on how to find a product to sell online help you to find products for your online store? Let us know your comments.

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