How to Write eCommerce Product Descriptions: 5 Solid Tips

Perfect product descriptions are one of the secret recipes of online success. And, here we tell you how to write eCommerce product descriptions that sell.

It is good to hear that you have finally decided what you are going to sell in your online shop. It is likely that you have also finalized the design of your storefront. Now it is time to add your products. Also to learn how to write eCommerce product descriptions.

Mind that this is one of the most critical steps that will actually decide the success of your online shop. Ah! at least till you have established yourself as a brand with a mote. Why? Let me explain this with a near real life scenario.

Let us assume that as a fruit of all your marketing efforts, a visitor lands up on your store. He browses your online product catalog. He finds a perfect product that will meet his requirements.

But it is less likely that he will hit the Add to Cart button right away. In spite of all your marketing strategies, you must still convince him to buy your product.

But how?

You need to write a perfect product description that sells. The product copy should be powerful enough to convince and convert him to a buyer.

This means that knowing how to write eCommerce product descriptions is important if you want to build a successful online shop.

But, it is not always easy to write the perfect eCommerce product description that sells. It may seem overwhelming if you have a long list of products in your inventory.

So, let us go ahead and discuss five solid tips on how to write eCommerce product descriptions that sell.

How to Write eCommerce Products Descriptions

As we saw, solid and powerful eCommerce product descriptions can make or break a sale.

Writing product descriptions that sell can indeed take time. This may, in turn, tempt you to use generic product descriptions. But, do not fall for that temptation. If you can write a clear description of your products, it will lead to the success of your online shop.

In this post, we will show you how to write a product description well. We will also see why eCommerce product descriptions are so important. If you follow these tips, you should be able to write the perfect descriptions for your products.

What is a product description?

Before focusing on how to write eCommerce product descriptions let us know what actually is a product description.

In simple words, eCommerce product descriptions describe your products. A good product description summarizes the product features.

It also describes the benefits of the product. Your prospective customers read the product copies to find if it will fit their needs. In short, an eCommerce product description is the sales pitch of a product.

And it is not only about you. Your customers also need proper descriptions of the product in your store.


Wear in your customer’s shoes and walk in an online shop. Think that you find a product without proper descriptions, worse with no description. Are you going to buy it? I will not. With a benefit of the doubt, I will pass it.

Physical stores have an advantage here. This is because the customer can usually check the product in person.

Now, unlike in a physical store, your customer can not check a product physically in your online shop.

As a shop owner you must write product descriptions that will remove this barrier.

You may argue that your products will have perfect photos. It is also true that most buyers even choose a product to buy based on product photographs. But still, there are things that a photo cannot tell.

These are things that your customers need to know before adding a product to the cart.

Proper eCommerce product descriptions can even help with the SEO of your online store. This can help you in increasing organic traffic to your store.

Now that we know what is a product description, let us look into how to write eCommerce product descriptions that convert.

Apply the following strategies to write a killer product description for your online shop.

How to write eCommerce Product Descriptions

How To Write eCommerce Product Descriptions For Your Ideal Buyer

Do you know who is your ideal buyer?

Before you start writing the description of your product, know your customers. You have to target the features that will appeal to your customers. But how to do that?

Understand the characteristics of your ideal buyer. Try to gather information like:

  • Demography
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Income
  • Interest

This will help you to write the perfect product copy for your online store.

Instead of focusing only on decorative aspects of your products, describe features that can appeal to your target buyers.

If you can identify your buyer persona, you will be able to use selling words in your eCommerce product descriptions. The bottom line is, your product descriptions should speak to your buyers. They must be able to relate themselves to the product.

Figure out the most common questions that your buyer may ask. Your product descriptions should answer those. Even if you may use FAQs for product descriptions.

How To Write eCommerce Product Descriptions in a Proper Format

When you write your product descriptions you are free to write in any format. But, ensure that your product descriptions are scannable. This makes the descriptions easy and quick to read.

In general, avoid using long paragraphs. Use bullet points to highlight key features. Specify size, color, and other related product attributes. Also, include a FAQ section if available.

Use legible fonts. And plenty of white spaces.

One of the popular eCommerce product description templates is:

  1. Introduce a short paragraph telling the story.
  2. Use bullets to highlight key features.
  3. Highlight the benefits of the products.
  4. Add an optional FAQ section.

Thing to remember is, most online shoppers will have a short span of attention. So you bog them down with chunks of text, chances are you will the opportunity.

How To Write eCommerce Product Descriptions Having Influential Words

Power Words for eCommerce Product Descriptions

When you write an eCommerce product description, learn to use power words in your copy. These power words trigger a natural response in the brain that can help in improving your sales.

Use positive words. Powerful sentiments. Recommend like the best friend.

Avoid using common adjectives. Dress them up with one of the power words. Learn to pitch like a pro salesman and convince your buyer about why your product is an absolute must! Trust me, words are powerful.

How To Write eCommerce Product Descriptions With SEO In Mind

When you write a product description, do not forget to optimize it for search engines. You like it or not, SEO is often the best zero-investment strategy to find new customers. 

If you know how to optimize your product descriptions for search engines, you can skip this section. Otherwise, continue reading. 

Search engine optimization of your product descriptions starts with keywords. These are nothing but what your buyers will type in a search engine like Google to find a product they are looking for. While the search engines will list the most relevant search results, you must do your own job.

Research your keywords. Discover which keyword combination will work best for your product description. Search in Google as a buyer. Try to find how your competitors are using the keywords to rank high.

As good SEO practice, use your keywords in 

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image alt tags 
  • Product descriptions

As a variant, try to target related keywords or keywords with low competition.

But whatever you do, do not just stuff keywords in your product descriptions. This will harm you more than doing good. Also, keep your eCommerce product descriptions natural. Your customers will hate to read a mechanical product description stuffed with keywords.

You can use free tools like Google keyword planner and UberSuggest for keyword research.

How To Write eCommerce Product Descriptions That Are Original and Creative

Start with a story. Does your product have any history, a traditional backstory, or any myth? Introduce them. Try to establish unique voice for your product descriptions.

Describe the features in a tone that sounds more like a conversation. In all means, avoid an artificial bunch of text. It must sound like a conversation. Recommend like a friend.

When it is time to describe the features, highlight only the best and most unique details. No need to explain all qualities of the product.

Do not get confused between features and benefits. Features make a product beneficial for the buyer. Highlight the product features that can help improve the buyer’s life in a measurable way. Or, reduce a pain point.

If you can translate a feature into a benefit, you will be able to create a more persuasive product copy.

How to write eCommerce product descriptions – Final Thoughts

Writing a powerful eCommerce product description that sells can be challenging. But you need to master this art if you want to run an online shop with solid conversions.

Product descriptions are not mere texts associated with your products. They are, in fact, sales pitches that can convince your buyer to complete a purchase.

While writing the next eCommerce product description, keep these strategies in mind. You can also revisit your existing product descriptions and fine-tune them if needed.

Do you apply any other winning strategy for writing your product descriptions? Let me know your comments. Also, share this article if these tips on how to write eCommerce product descriptions have helped you.

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