Packaging Box Design: 5 Solid Tips You Can Apply Today

Product packages are not just boxes to ship your items. Let us tell you what you must do for a perfect packaging box design.

Let me start with the basics. If you run a shop selling physical products, you need packaging boxes. These are the packets that you finally ship to or hand over to your customer.

Now, if you think that these packaging boxes are only needed for shipping – you will be wrong. In fact, packaging boxes can be a perfect brand ambassador for your store.

Just think about the number of users who upload unboxing videos to social media. A perfect packaging box design can give you a free marketing edge and huge exposure.

In this post, we will discuss how to design the perfect packaging boxes for your products. We will also look into how you can reflect your brand values on your packaging box design.

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5 Tips On Packaging Box Design

Take a moment and think about your most recent buy. Was that a branded product? If yes, why did you buy a product from that brand?

Now, chances are, when you try to recollect these details – the first thing that comes to your mind is the packaging box that accompanied the product. Right?

Yes, and that is one of the major goals of a perfect packaging box design. A correct and effective packaging box design can draw a customer’s attention. And finally, convert him. Probably turning him into a customer loyal to the brand as a whole.

In this article, we will see what are things you must consider while designing a perfect packaging box for your products.

Reflect your brand in your packaging box designs

I am assuming that you have already established the design of your brand. If not, this must be the first step for a perfect packaging box design.

Decide on a perfect logo for your business. Finalize the color palette for your brand. If possible, establish fonts that can help identify your business. Your brand.

When you are ready with these brand identities, include them in your packaging boxes.

Creating custom packaging boxes is not free. So, I will advise you not to invest in packaging box designs if you have not established your brand identity.

Remember that the packaging box is the first thing that your customer will hold in his hand. If done properly, it can convey a strong and favorable message for your brand.

But, for that to happen, your packaging box design must be able to support for your brand identity.

Design packaging boxes for your customers

Your packaging box design also depends on your customers. For example, if you cater to the luxury segment – your packaging boxes should reflect that.

If your customers are price-conscious who look for prompt deliveries, you can choose simple designs for your packaging boxes. Think the way amazon packs its delivery boxes.

On a similar line, if you sell handmade items you can send a handwritten note inside the package.

In nutshell, design your packaging boxes in line with your customer’s expectations. Brand it. Add a bit of personal touch to improve your customer’s unboxing experience.

Budget for packaging box designs

Custom packaging boxes do not come free. You must set aside a budget for creating these custom designs. More importantly, unless you order in bulk, your cost per packaging box can become very high. It may not worth your investment right at launch.

In such cases, you can procure standard packaging accessories and brand them with custom labels. This way, your overhead will be considerably low.

But, if you want to go with the custom packaging box route, select packaging box providers like Packhelp. It helps you to create custom designs for your packaging boxes. Packhelp also allows you to order a minimum quantity. This is an intuitive website and has a wizard-driven approach for designing packaging boxes.

Besides deciding on the packaging box supplier you must also consider a few other practical aspects.

  • Shipping Cost:  The dimension of your packaging boxes will directly impact the shipping cost of your products. So be careful to select a packaging box design that is conservative and effectively utilize the space.
  • Durability: The primary purpose of a packaging box is to protect your products. So, if you design a packaging box that is luxurious but not durable, the basic purpose will fail. So, invest in the required quality for your packaging box.

Things you need to design a packaging box

Typically, you will need the following raw materials for your packaging boxes:

  1. A protective box or envelope to secure the shipped products.
  2. A sticker tape to close the box.
  3. Optional protective elements like air packets.
  4. Optional package inserts, promotional materials, etc.

So, when you decide on a packaging box supplier you must consider the quality and design of all these above.

For designing your custom printed accessories for packaging boxes, you can use tools like:

  1. Canva – Canva is a popular tool to create professional designs. If you have the designing skills, the free Canva plan is sufficient for you. This is an easy to use tool that lets you create your designs even with its free plan.
  2. Moo – Moo is also an easy to use online service for high-quality printing. You can use this tool to order custom printed inserts.

If you want, you can even hire freelance designers for creating the designs for you. Browse freelance marketplaces like 99designs, Upwork, and Behance to find freelance designers.

Word of caution here. Do not blindly go with any designer based on price. Check their portfolios or sample designs before finalizing anyone.

Also, note that this is a costlier approach compared to the DIY method of designing using tools like Canva and Packhelp.

One more important thing is when you work with printers (including likes of Packhelp) check their file requirements. Follow the guidelines related to file format and resolutions. This will ensure that you get the expected print quality on your custom packaging box designs.

Inspirations for packaging box designs

Research your competition. See how they are designing their packaging boxes. This will give you an insight into the current industry trends. Tweak the trend and stand distinct in the crowd.

As we said in the beginning, packaging box designs are your brand ambassadors. Let the designs speak for you and your business.

Search social media platforms like Pinterest. You can find ample designs that will inspire you.

Packaging box designs – Final Thoughts

packaging box design

I think it is good that I stress again on the importance of packaging box designs. Design something that aligns with your brand identity. Design a packaging box that meets your customer’s expectations.

At the same time, make it durable, scalable, and cost-effective for your business.

If you can design a packaging box that can give a super unboxing experience to your customers – you will get an added mileage.

So, are you now ready to ship?

How do you go with your packaging box designs? Let us know your comments. Also, if this article on how to design packaging boxes has helped you – feel free to share it!

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