SendOwl Review – Features, Pricing, Integrations

SendOwl claims that it is the only eCommerce platform that cares about conversion rates, ease of use, and owls. Let this SendOwl Review tell you the truth!

If you search for eCommerce platforms to sell digital products, chances are you will definitely come across SendOwl. Its website says that its founders wanted SendOwl to be both powerful and easy to use. The website also claims that SendOwl is the only eCommerce platform that cares about conversion rates and ease of use.

But how far is this claim true? Let us find it out. In this SendOwl Review, we will discuss the features of the SendOwl eCommerce platform in detail.

After reading this SendOwl review, you will be in a position to decide if this is a suitable eCommerce platform for you.

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SendOwl Review

First thing first. SendOwl is not like the other hosted eCommerce platforms like Payhip or Gumroad. You do not build a storefront on SendOwl. Neither does SendOwl list your products on a product page hosted on its servers.

What SendOwl does is, it connects with your payment gateway and delivers the digital product upon successful payment.

With this background, let this SendOwl review tell you its features and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of SendOwl as an eCommerce software.

How to Sell with SendOwl?

How to sell with SendOwl

As we mentioned at the beginning of this SendOwl review, SendOwl is not like other hosted eCommerce platforms. It connects with the payment provider and automatically delivers the digital products to your customers after successful payment. It does not list your products on a product page hosted in its servers.

That means you need a place where you can sell your products. This can be:

  1. Your social media accounts or email list. In this case, you can use the buy buttons to point your buyers to a payment form.
  2. Your own website – it can be your blog or a static website. If you have a web property, you can add the SendOwl buy buttons on it. Note, that free website builders like blogger or WordPress are sufficient for this.
  3. Your eCommerce website – If you need a full-featured eCommerce platform you can think of Shopify. I am not considering WooCommerce here, as it falls in the second category. SendOwl integrates with Shopify in a seamless way to help you sell your product. In fact, they have a Shopify app for this. Now, this option is meaningless if you are selling physical goods only. Because Shopify can handle selling physical products out of the box. This will make sense if you are selling digital goods only. But, then also, you must check the cost structures.

What can you sell with SendOwl?

SendOwl is an eCommerce software mainly targeting shop owners who want to start or run an online business selling digital products. SendOwl lets you sell any type of digital product. For example, you can sell eBooks, software, videos, music, and digital files.

Unlike Gumroad, you can also sell services using SendOwl. This platform also allows you to sell physical goods, subscriptions, and memberships. This will let you charge a recurring fee to your customers.

An interesting feature of SendOwl is its support of Drip functionality. With this feature, you can release your product over a period of time instead of releasing it all at once. Drip functionality is available for subscriptions, one-off payment products, and bundles.

If you sell software or an item that requires a license key, SendOwl can generate, store and issue these keys. This can help protect the item from illegal use and sharing.

Not only that, if you sell PDF files, you can also stamp them with the name and email of your customer. This can discourage your customers from unauthorized sharing of your products.

For video sharing, you can give access to your videos as a streamed item. Since your customers will not download it, they will not be able to share it illegally.

SendOwl Review: Pricing Plan and Transaction Fees

It is important to note that there is no free tier in SendOwl.

Instead, what you get is a thirty-day trial period. After your trial ends, you can use SendOwl in one of the three following ways.


SendOwl Standard Plan

The standard plan starts at $15 per month. In the highest tier, it is priced at $39 per month. The plans vary in the number of products you can add, storage available and customization support.

Self Hosted

SendOwl Self Hosted Plan

With the Self Hosted plan, SendOwl will not store the product. Instead, you host your products and point to the URL where the product is stored. These plans are cheaper as you do not pay SendOwl for the bandwidth.


SendOwl Subscription Plan

The subscription plan starts at $49/month. It also allows you advanced functionalities like multiple users.

As for transaction fees, SendOwl does not charge you any money per transaction. Instead, you will have to pay the monthly fee in advance after your 30-day free trial completes.

SendOwl Review: Ease of Customization

While you do not create a storefront in SendOwl, you can design optimized checkouts and delivery with it. SendOwl has several features that can help you to achieve this.


You can match your brand for checkouts and email templates. This can help you maintain consistency across your website and the SendOwl platform. You can modify the email templates to change the style and content of all emails to match your brand.

Custom Fields

SendOwl lets you add custom fields to capture extra information during checkout. For example, you can store the shape and size of an ordered product.

In addition, based on your needs you can switch off and on certain fields that SendOwl provides on checkouts.

SendOwl Review: Marketing Tools

SendOwl gives you multiple tools for marketing and promotion. Let us look into these features one by one.

Discount Coupons

SendOwl lets you create coupon codes. You can fine-tune these discount codes and can target individual customers. You can limit the discount redemption for a limited time. Or a specific product. Or spend amount.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can be a solid source of referral traffic to your shop. As a shop owner, if you can build a good affiliate program, you can be sure about added conversions.

SendOwl has an inbuilt affiliate system. It can handle link tracking, reporting, and other admin tasks. So, you will not have any extra overhead or expense in building your affiliate programs.

You can, in fact, enable affiliate sales for individual products and set the respective commissions.

Upselling with SendOwl

Upselling is a key tool to increase your sales. SendOwl offers you this out of the box! You can upsell your products to your customers both before checkout and after payment.

Abandoned Carts

Cart abandonment is nothing new. Every store owner faces this. But, what you must try to do is bring back those customers. SendOwl has features to help you with this and, you can convert those orders again.

Pay What You Want

This may or may not be a requirement common for all stores. But if you want to let your customers pay their own price, you can use this feature. You can even set a minimum price to protect your margins.

Support for Gifting

SendOwl makes it easy to encourage your customers to gift a product to a friend or family. They can include a personalized message. Optionally they can and specify a delivery date for their gifts.

This means an increase in your sales!

SendOwl Review: Customer Relationship Management

Efficient customer relationship management is a key for your eCommerce success. As the shop owner, you must always stay connected with your customers. Luckily, SendOwl has several in-built features to help you stay connected with your customers. 

Mailing lists 

SendOwl lets you automatically add your customers to a mailing list at MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit and many others. This is important as this lets you use email marketing in your favor.

Free Updates

Let us assume you release a new version for a product. Do you think it will be tough to manage the updates for your customers? Fear not. SendOwl has you covered. Use your mailing lists and inform your buyers. Ask them to download it for free. SendOwl will not charge you anything for this.

SendOwl Review: Payout Processing

This is interesting. Unlike Gumroad or Payhip, SendOwl does not process your payments itself. Instead, the payments are processed through your selected payment gateway. e.g. Stripe, Paypal.

So, whatever revenue you earn is available in your Paypal or Stripe accounts. The payout is processed by the payment gateways according to their policies and your own settings with the respective gateways.

This also means SendOwl does not impose any minimum threshold or cut off date for payment processing. You must check the policies of your payment gateways though.

SendOwl Review: Payment Gateways Supported

SendOwl supports many payment methods that include PayPal, Stripe, BitPay, Apple Pay, Alipay, iDeal, and credit card payments.

The default checkout includes PayPal, Stripe, and BitPay.

If you integrate more than one payment gateway with your SendOwl account, they will appear on the payment page.

SendOwl does not charge you any gateway fees. Instead, these payment gateways will handle all payment processing and may charge you certain fees for each transaction.

SendOwl Review: Other Features

While we will not go into the details of these features, it may help you to know:

  • SendOwl lets you include tax to the total price of a product or the price itself.
  • You can restrict buyers based on country, IP address and so on.
  • You can give selected access to your team members if you are not a solo entrepreneur.
  • You can secure your SendOwl account with two-factor authentication.
  • You get a robust analytics dashboard to monitor your sales.
  • SendOwl also gives you API access if you need to manage your store programmatically.

SendOwl Review: Advantages

Now that we have seen the different features of SendOwl, let me summarize the advantages of this eCommerce software.

  • SendOwl does not charge you any transaction fee.
  • The out-of-box marketing tools are robust and efficient.
  • If you have an existing website and are looking for an eCommerce solution, SendOwl is a great choice.
  • No minimum threshold for payout.
  • Support a long list of Payment gateways.

SendOwl Review: Limitations

SendOwl has its limitations. In this section, I will list down a few disadvantages of SendOwl that I observed.

  • SendOwl does not have any free plan like other eCommerce platforms as Payhip.
  • You cannot build a storefront on SendOwl. This means, if you want to build a hosted online shop, SendOwl will not work. You need a separate channel to sell your products.
  • Pricing may seem expensive if you are just starting.

SendOwl Review – Final Thoughts

SendOwl as an eCommerce software is a somewhat different solution.

On one hand, you cannot create a self-sufficient online shop using SendOwl. On the other hand, if you have an established sales channel like a blog, website, or social media – SendOwl can work like a charm.

You can have an efficient eCommerce system in place without any major effort. SendOwl can serve as a solid back office system in such cases.

But, is SendOwl the right choice for you?

As we saw in this SendOwl review, this eCommerce software is a powerful back-office system. So, if you have an established website and the pricing plans work for you – go for it. As there is no transaction fee, your revenue, in the long run, will be higher.

But, if you want to build an online shop right from scratch, SendOwl needs you to design a platform separately. Whether this will work for you or not, well, you have to decide!

Creating an account in SendOwl is easy.

  1. Head over to Sendowl.
  2. Click on the Sign Up button.
  3. Select your plan.
  4. Click on the button Start your free trial.
  5. Signup and start selling.

Do you have any questions on this SendOwl review? Let us know your comments. And if this review of SendOwl has helped you, feel free to share it.

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